09.05.2020 11:00

Namaste at Home session 3

Over the last few weeks we have released a series of 15 minute yoga sessions, designed to be easily achievable at home. If you haven't already mastered them, catch up first...

Session 1: Hip opening and twisting.

Session 2: Shoulders and core.

Otherwise, you should by now be ready for session 3: Bakasna (a really accessible arm balance pose).

During this period of confinement, yoga can help. You don't need a big bag of equipment, you don't need much space and you don't need much time. Performed for a short period, once per day or a couple of times per week, will not only keep your body moving, but also support your mental wellbeing.

So do yourself (and your flatmate) a favour... roll out the yoga mat (or towel / bath mat) and let the magic happen!