23.09.2019 19:30

Politt and Tanfield earn medals at Worlds

Nils Politt and Harry Tanfield rode the UCI Road World Championship Team Time Trial Mixed Relay for their respective countries of Germany and Great Britain, and both walked away with hardware around their necks for contributing to the medal-winning efforts. Politt’s Germany took the silver medal behind the gold medal winners, The Netherlands. Tanfield’s Great Britain earned bronze to complete the top 3 in the 28km event.


For Tanfield it was an exciting opportunity to race on his home turf: “It was a great event, and great to be part of it as a home race – I live only 45 minutes from Harrogate. It’s something I wanted to do and I’m so glad the team gave me the opportunity to do it. We didn’t really think we would be getting a medal as we looked at the line-up of the teams and how strong the competitors were, so we’re so happy with what we did and to come away with a medal. Being able to look at the details of the course as we planned our strategy helped of course, and being in the UK we were able to ride the course together as a group in training. In addition, we were the second-fastest men’s team which is something I’m very proud of as a group of guys. We are over the moon to come away with a medal. It doesn’t get any better than this. It’s like winning.”


Sunday’s event was the debut of the mixed relay in the Worlds. Each team included 3 men who took to the 14km Harrogate circuit first, then followed by three women to complete the second lap. The combined time from the six riders produced the official time, with the Netherlands finishing in 38:28. Germany were 23-seconds behind for silver and Great Britain rounded out the podium at 51-seconds off the top time.

Photos c. Getty Images